Monday, April 22, 2013

Our Love Story Part IV

After we kissed we were both awkward. I wish I could say we just fell in love and lived happily ever after but I know that we were totally 100% meant for each other but we were both just lost souls at that point I think :) Not in a bad way, just in a really unorganized, not responsible, just trying to make it to class and not flunk out of school kind of way! When we saw each other during the day we were like middle schoolers who would smile but wouldn't talk a lot but then at night after hanging around for a while we would always end up spending the whole night hanging out together.

I still wasn't sold on this idea especially after the first date.... Tex FINALLY, I mean FINALLY after like 8 weeks asked me on a first date. It was SO awkward, I am pretty sure he borrowed money from Eric (thank you Eric!) and he picked me up in his old Jeep CJ7 with no doors at the sorority dorm. My really mature friends (with whom I am still best friends with to this day) screamed ridiculous things at the window at the both of us as we climbed in his jeep and drove off into the sunset (not really, more like O'Charleys). I ordered a soup and salad and Tex called me a "cheap date", we had never been just by ourselves and it was weird. It lasted a whole 45 minutes and then he drove back and dropped me off in front of the dorm. We may have done the awkward hug and I ran inside.

Tex and I came out of that date very differently. I really was thinking this was going more towards a friend level but I think he decided that he was pretty into me. heehee What ensued was pretty hilarious. I guess at 19 I played hard to get and Tex would show up on his mountain bike throwing rocks at my window at 2 am waking up me and my roommate, I remember one time I am at a fraternity party and someone handed me the phone and said "It's some guy named Tex" he called me at a PARTY!!! Only Tex would not realize what a deal breaker that was! He sent me flowers that looked like something from Mars, the poor guy just couldn't do anything right!! I just knew that we were probably better off as friends. I loved him like a friend and loved being around him more than anything in the world but in the romance department we just weren't hitting it off until....

I went to Alabama to visit one of my best guy friends from High School. I had the weekend of my life and just the weekend I needed to clear my head and realize I wasn't ready to settle down and then I heard the news... (swear you all I can't make this stuff up) Tex gave a girl a piggy back ride and was flirting with her! At this time we weren't "dating" so he had every right to give 50 girls piggy back rides :)
What??????? My Tex? Um, yeah I decided right then and there that was not going to happen again!! That's all it took for me was hearing that he was flirting with another girl and realized right then and there that I wanted to be the only girl he ever flirted with again!
To Be Continued....


Anonymous said...

Stunning quest there. What happened after?
Good luck!

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BoldButterBaby said...

I totally read this out of order! Going back now to re read! YAY!