Wednesday, April 3, 2013


These posts are going to be split.... I FINALLY broke out my camera and took a ton of pics of the kiddos and ask me if they have been dowloaded yet... absolutley NOT!  I am going to try and not give another sob story on here BUT Easter is seriously one of my very favorite holidays! Thursday I started to not feel that great and went straight to the dr and they said it was a sinus infection... perfect! I can get on an antibiotic and have this thing wiped out in NO time. The sinus infection NEVER went away and I seriously thought at times that I wasn't going to even be able to drag myself thru the festivities which as a mom is even more devastating and of course it was accompanied by lots of tears of not feeling great, pure exhaustion and guilt for not being able to get it together and be the perfect mom for my favorite Holiday!

Fast Forward to Monday (sunday was full of more feeling bad + now a infant babe throwing up with fevr\er + a call Monday from the daycare that now Annie has a 102 fever) Well, it was confirmed with 3 swift schwabs of the nose and 10 minutes that in fact the girl Templetons all had the flu strand B, mom included! No wonder I felt horrible, sinus infection my bootie, this was the real deal FLU!

Despite it all I sweated it out thru pictures, egg hunts, getting ready Easter morning (all because I still thought I had the worst darn sinus infection to ever hit me in my life!!)

It has been sunny here even though it is cold it does help the moods! Here are some pics I took of the kids on Thursday before it really went down hill! ha!


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