Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our Love Story Part V

After the night that I found out Tex had given the piggy back ride to another girl I think I went over to his apartment and told him that I wanted to take this relationship seriously, etc... I can still remember we were standing in the bathroom in his apartment (because of course I choose to have this serious conversation during a party at their place) and his exact words were "Ok we can take it day by day" Day by Day??? What! If you know me, you know I don't take anything day by day. I am the all time worst about not knowing my life plan! When I met Tex he seriously wanted to be a forest ranger or a ski instructor in Colorado, he wanted to run wild and free!
Poor thing... he never had a chance! Well, day by day turned into month by month and year by year :) At 19 and 20 you can only imagine the stumbling blocks, obstacles and trials that we endured. You can also only imagine the fun we had, the weekend trips, the wild nights and the many memories we created with our amazing friends! I have stories for days, some that would make you cry, some that would make you blush :) We literally grew up together. I don't think we ever really "broke up" maybe being dramatic one night we "took a break" which always lasted about 48 hours which was a lifetime at 20 years old. 
Our Wedding Day 2004
Tex was and is always first and foremost my best friend. I think that is what has kept us going even during our darkest hour. We still laugh together and genuinely like being around each other and I am so glad we worked on that foundation. After 5 years of dating Tex proposed to me at his apartment with flowers, a dinner he cooked and Norah Jones ("come away with me" playing on the cd player) *Funny story about the cd player, I am talking we were broke just out of college, couldn't hardly afford to live on our own... Tex bought the cd player from target and kept the receipt and took it back after the proposal! haha!! I think I have told 2 people that story, EVER! We didn't have a lot but we had each other!

Pregnant with Palmer (Painting his nursery) 2007
I bawled like a baby the other night watching our wedding video. I don't think I realized how much we didn't know at the time we got married. We didn't have a clue (and probably still don't). We thought we were committed then but we didn't know what commitment really was. Someone said the other day you don't know your level of commitment until you have really been tested. Tex and I have really been tested. We have been thru A LOT the last 14 years. Career Changes, Family Crisis', Job Loss, 3 Moves, 3 Kids... just to scratch the surface ;) We have weathered the storms sometimes gracefully and sometimes not. No matter what we have never turned our backs on each other. We have had resentments and pointed fingers and had our share of good ol knock, down, drag out fights but when it came down to it, we were always there to catch each others fall.

(Palmer being born 2007)
We have fallen a lot and we have continued to get back up and dust ourselves off and recommit to each other. Sept 10, 2004 was one of the best days of my life along with May 22, Feb 16 and August 17th when the kiddos were born.

(3 Days Before Ann Mason was born)
We have been told by many people for years we would make a good reality show! haha I don't know that, that is always a compliment but at least I know we are certainly entertaining! I just got told this by Chandler's nursery teacher she said " I would totally tune in to watch your family every week" Why? Because we are still hot messes, that's why!!!

(Ann Mason's Birth)
We haven't been perfect, we have said things that can't be taken back and we have acted like kids. I  always say that Tex is a better person that me. He handles things better, he is more laid back, more free spirited, more go with the flow, more accepting.... He makes me a better person. He calms my type A personality and helps me see that in the end all of my worrying doesn't matter in the least! Things are what they are and they always turn out to be ok!

(Telling the world that we were having baby #3)
Right now in our marriage we are working on balancing finding time for OUR relationship. I get so scared to wake up in 20 years when the kids are all in college and turn to look at this stranger next to me. We are really trying to figure out how to make time for each other, work full time and be the best parents. I think making time for ourselves and making sure that our relationship is solid trickles down into everything else making it all better!

(Chandler's newborn pictures)
We have laughed a lot and we have cried a lot. We have been down roads where I didn't think there was a way back, we have experienced joy so immense there are no words. Anytime I am really frustrated with Tex I always go back to this....

(Our Family this Easter)
When I am old and gray, when my skin is sagging and my wrinkles cover every crevice of my body, when I have nothing left to give physically but everything to give emotionally there is only one person that I want rocking in that rocking chair beside me and that is Tex. Period.End.Of.Story :)


Sarah said...

Oh Blake I loved reading your love story! You two are so blessed. Maybe one day I will find time to write ours down.

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