Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mommy Time!

After the week of the flu I needed some mommy time! After everyone went to bed last night and Chandler was tucked safely at my side snoring, I finally got a few minutes to myself! So, what did I do?? I checked out one of my favorite blogs Mama Laughlin She is real, funny and inspiring. Plus she has amazing hair and make up! She did a make up tutorial HERE so I decided to watch it!

My make up has just been BLAH lately and coming over within a couple of hours so I wanted to see what she had to say. I LOVED it, it had so many great tips and tricks PLUS she doesn't use really expensive make up which is right up my alley! She mostly uses Loreal. I was so inspired after I watched her tutorial I darted out to Walgreens to try and replicate a little Mama Laughlin.
This isn't the best pic of my make up but I LOVED it! I love my husband but his photography skills are lacking. He even noticed I looked different and liked my make up! You all should totally watch it, so fun! She doesn't do anything that is unreasonable and her whole make up routine only takes 10 minutes, perfect!

Oh and guess what.... I finally got to wear my white jeans! I have been waiting to wear these babies forever! I can't tell you the last time I wore white jeans, maybe 1987??? Chandler had to get in the picture AND my hair was a little wild. I try and tease it pretty good so that by the time I get to work it looks about right! haha!

My mommy time has also consisted of watching the VOICE! OMG! I love that show, it makes me happy and I have even got the kiddos watching it, they LOVE when a judge turns their chair! haha

Everyone is feeling a lot better and fingers crossed everyone will go to school tomorrow and we can have a GLORIOUS weekend with WARM weather!

DISCLAIMER: I still crack up that I take "selfy" pics and use the skinny arm and I know its ridiculous but it's fun and that's all that matters! Happy Thursday!


Anonymous said...

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BoldButterBaby said...

hahha! I have never heard of Skinny Arm! I'll have to figure out which one is mine. :)