Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tubes and 8 Months


This little nugget turned 8 months old today! To say my heart breaks each day that goes by is an understatement. I am seriously, seriously having a hard time with this. I can honestly say (minus the sickness which comes with the territory) that I have LOVED having another baby, diapers, car seats, getting up in the middle of night all of it because I love those baby rolls, deep belly laughs, soft skin that smells incredible, a little person that still wants me to "baby" them, that needs me for everything. I LOVE babies, I will shout it from the rooftop! I know that one day I will be ok with loving other people's babies but right now I just love having my baby and want to soak in every minute of her!

She is undoubtedly the happiest, most laid back, sweet natured baby I have ever had or known :) I mean she lets us do this to her and LOVES it.... PS Red lipstick is nearly impossible to remove! haha
Yesterday she got tubes! We were excited because hopefully it will really cut down on how many times she has been sick. She was a total hit at the ENT office. Even without eating since midnight she laughed, played and waved her way into the hearts of every nurse and dr! She did fabulous even waking up from anesthesia. Disclaimer: I feel like I slightly have the right to boast about how good my baby is. If y'all knew me or knew of my first child Palmer you would be happy for me too :) He is the most loving and easiest child NOW but THEN holy cow he broke us into the whole parenting. Worst.Baby.Ever :) Ann Mason was a mix she was a good baby (or at least my memory thinks she was) but the minute she hit like 14 months it was ON and hasn't stopped, I am confident Chandler will follow suit and I will have two girls just like me and my sister! haha
I mean seriously, how cute is this sweet pea. Ok, let's get down to business at 8 months old Chan is...
Wearing 9 month clothes (she can wear some 6 month and even some 12 month) but pretty much we are right in the middle.
She weighs 16 pds 14 oz, she eats probably 4-5 6 oz bottles a day and about 5-6 jars of food a day. I have no idea if this is "normal" but it works for us. Do you know this child I haven't referenced one book, one website about what she is supposed to be doing at this age. Hopefully this works in our favor, right? haha

She is....ALWAYS happy! Seriously, ALWAYS! She pretty much sleeps thru the night. She goes to bed about 9 and probably once a week she will wake up and eat a bottle at 2:30 am and then sleep till 7 but 99% of the time she sleeps till 5:30 exactly, takes a bottle and goes back to sleep until 7:00.

I don't mind a little inconsistency I have always said that I don't get hungry every 4 hours exactly, sometimes I want to eat every 5 minutes sometimes I go hours and hours. Obviously I would never let my child go too long without eating (no one get alarmed!) but what I am saying is I guess I have never been one to cling on to a full on schedule. Again... right or wrong who knows but it works for us.

This probably shows that she is the 3rd child. Cheese Puffs? haha No wonder she is happy all of the time! ha! I just found out her obsession for cheese puffs so I only pull them out in dire emergencies like when I need people occupied for at least 5 minutes to make dinner!

She just started waving and clapping and if I do say so myself it is the cutest wave and clap I have ever seen :) She is literally the light of our family. The "newness" has never worn off with Annie and Palmer (especially Ann Mason).

We are completely head over heels for this girl and she knows it! I think about the million times I questioned whether to take the plunge to have a third baby and I look at this face and thank God every day for letting me take this journey again with such an angel. I know 6 years isn't an eternity but from when you are 26 to almost 33 there is definitely a difference and I am so much more calm, confident, content and any other c word that you can think of :) I can truly take it in and enjoy it. Not that I didn't with Palmer and Ann Mason but it was such a whirlwind of questioning myself, making sure I was doing everything right and now I know that doing it right just means loving them and taking it all in.
Happy 8 Months to by sweet baby!

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