Monday, March 25, 2013

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail!

I will preface this post by saying that I LOVE my kids all the same! I do not favor one over the other but yes, Chandler is the star of my of my posts only because she sits, she can't run and hide, she actually smiles a smile that doesn't resemble any animals or alien faces and she actually likes me taking pictures of her. The other two, not so much....

We had a super busy weekend! Fun, but busy. I am kind of ready for some laid back weekends. Me and my pajamas have not spent any time together on the weekends doing "nothing" (you know by nothing that doesn't really mean nothing but at least it doesn't mean packing up and leaving the house!)
We got to go to Louisville (long overdue) and spent some time with some our friends and family! It was short. I think we stayed as long as we drove :( I truly wish I could have an entire week back in Louisville to visit family, friends, old co-workers, eat at all of my favorite restaurants that we don't have here and just have time! Every time we drive in I find a little piece of my heart. It is easier now than it was say a year ago, but there are still so many things that bring back so many great memories!

So, of course being the weekend before Easter we HAD to get to the Easter Bunny! So at Ashley's we got all of the kiddos decked out and headed to the mall! It was especially important since this was Grey and Chandlers first time with the Easter Bunny!

My pretty 7 month old (sob, sob) girl all dressed up and ready to go!
The cousins who despite what it looks like in this pic are only 3 days apart! Grey is hunching down trying to hide just how much bigger he is than my little Chan! They are so stinking cute!
Princess Chan wearing her crown! She is starting to be a hot mess!
And the ridiculously, overpriced, got conned into paying for beautiful Easter pics of all of my precious kiddos! I mean the women at the Easter Bunny Station must of had years of either sales experience or were just overly aggressive in nature. haha I know I will be glad I got it but I am cheap when it comes to these things!
And just because I was tired of trying to find Chandler "winter" clothes for church we decided to pretend it was spring outside and she looked so stinking cute, it didn't matter that it was 35 degrees outside! I loved these outfits so much I got three of them in different colors! (thank you zulily!) haha The more ruffles the better! Come on warm weather!

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