Friday, March 8, 2013

Shot to the Heart

Both of my sweet girls had to go for well child check ups yesterday and get shots! I DREADED it! I don't like to see either of my girls hurt but I was definitely more nervous about the 4 year old shots than I was Chandler. Ann Mason was a nervous wreck and I felt so bad for her.

Once we got there, there were a few quivering lip moments and crocodile tears but Ann Mason held it together like a champ! She cracks me up, she is a strong cookie. She let out an Indian war cry when she got poked both times almost like screaming helped push thru the pain, whatever works girl, whatever works! They both were great, precious and just a reminder of how blessed we are to have three healthy children!
Chandler Grace

Chandler there is so much to say about you and really not much to say at all! You are seriously PERFECT. Not just like mommy thinks your perfect but I get at least 3 comments a day about how laid back and happy you are! I can only say this because I deserve it! haha! I told someone today I never even knew that a baby like you existed, you are THAT good!! I know, I know this means I will pay for it when you get older but man, I am enjoying every single second of your sweet self!

*You are FINALLY eating baby food and actually liking it, I am SO excited. We got you a super saver seat and new baby food and spoons and I cried like a baby! Each milestone breaks my heart, I seriously can't take my baby getting bigger!

*You are still sleeping thru the night minus the occasional night when you need a bottle around 4:30 and for some reason I never mind that snuggle time!
*You are sitting up like a champ, rolling over, grabbing everything!
* You are driniking about 4-5 bottles a day all about 5-6 oz and eating about 3 jars of baby food
*Well, you still sleep in your rock n play I have to admit I am not ready to give you up! :) You don't wake up and I love it, you love it so it works!
*You are literally the center of our family's little world. The kids adore you, Molly the dog adores you, Mommy and Daddy adore you, you get the picture! Everyone lines up to hug you before school, you are the first person they want to see after school, you are the STAR! From the minute you were born there was never a doubt or moment of worry about having a third child, you were in our hearts long before you were a thought in our minds. We love you SO very much!

Here is your little growth chart for your 6 month check up!

Oh Ann Mason! My girly girl! Here you are in the van before we walked in waving your 4 in the air for Mommy! You were so brave, those eyes full of wonder, fear and excitement. You asked a million questions and you are my little engine that could, we just kept on saying "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can" you thought it was SO funny! I am so proud of you and you were such a BIG four year old getting your shots and helping your sisters get hers.

It brings tears to my eyes just to think about it but when Ann Mason knew Chandler had to get her shots she said "mommy, I can't be in here" so I waited with her out in the hall and the minute she heard Chandler cry she got those big crocodile tears in her big hazel eyes and said "I don't want her to hurt mommy" Then I started crying so we both walked in crying ready to rescue and hug on Chandler! This girls heart is SO big it is amazing! She surprises me everyday and I am SO proud to be her mommy!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE..... 90% for Weight and 95% for Height???? WHAT? Coming from her 5'2 mom! haha She is going to be taller than me when she is 10 :) She was so excited that she was such a big 4 year old!

My two amazing daughters!

PS I have a guilty heart right now because I feel like I haven't talked about MY Palmer lately! He is SO sweet and I am going to do a post all about Palmer!!! SO glad it is Friday I can't not even put it into words. This Girl is READY for the weekend!

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