Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sports Mania

So, since we last visited on this blog, the stomach bug has hit our house again! This time though it started last Thursday and Ann Mason started throwing up first and then Palmer climbed into our bed because apparently he thought he would rather get sick in our bed than his .About an hour after getting Annie down and settled with trash cans and a pallet on the floor, Palmer sits up and starts his puking. I am SO out of it at this point.... It is dark, I can hear puke, I can smell puke but I can't see where it is going. I am scrambling around and turn on the light and to my horror the puke had gone on the baby who was sleeping in her rock in play by the bed! Yes, it is slightly funny now but at the time I thought I was going to lose it! Sheets were ripped off, pillows thrown everywhere, trash cans, trash bags strewn all over the house and now my sweetest baby had puke all over her! It is one for the books for sure! We all survived it yet AGAIN! haha I have really grown a sense of humour and tough skin this winter about sickness!

I have been HORRIBLE about taking my camera places because it is just too darn convenient to take pics with our camera phones. My sweet friend Sarah sent me these today and I loved them! I love that my kids are starting to really get involved in sports, activities, etc... and our navigating thru trying to find their niche! I have always said I will give them the opportunity to try anything they want and they have to finish out the season but after that they can choose whether it was something they loved or not!

Palmer likes sports but I am pretty sure it is way more for the social aspect right now than the competitive, passion aspect of the sport :)He may not be one to love playing sports and that's ok, right now he LOVES using the computer and he might be a little more "techy" :) haha Here is playing bball with his pals!

All of these pics crack me up! Palmer is literally a mini Tex in these because his hair is crazy and he has a red gatorade mustache in them all! If you have ever seen a childhood photo of Tex he has a red koolaid mustache in every single one of them!:)

Being ANNOUNCED and running out on the court!

Blocking a much bigger player :)

Adler and Palmer, can you tell they are more into the audience than the game :)

My sweet boy with crazy bed head and gatorade mustache!

The three amigos. Adler, Karson and Palmer! They loved this season, I definitely think we will be back for round 2 next year!

One of the many wonderful things about living near family is we always have a surplus of "fans" that show up to the kids games! Mamaw hardly ever misses a game and the kids love when people come to watch them!

Annie being a good big sister to Chandler, either that or driving her crazy :)

Sweet sisters~!

I was SO excited for Ann Mason this past weekend! Girlfriend got to start a sport all of her OWN! I realize she is only 4 but she has set thru many soccer, tee ball and basketball games of Palmer's and I was so glad she was finally getting her turn to play! Of course mommy had to buy a girly ball, totally awesome soccer socks and new shoes with hot pink laces! haha SHE LOVED IT!

Ann Mason did awesome! Like scored 5 goals awesome and loved every minute of it! She may be our athlete, you never know! I just want my kids to enjoy whatever they do!

And then there is Chandler! I could eat her sweet, laid back, does no wrong EVER, little face up! This is her at the game looking at me like is it over yet, it is nap time people :) She is in for a long road with two crazy older siblings. I love this baby girl so much I could just cry thinking about it. I would love for her just to tag along like this with me forever!

Tee Ball starts up next month and as funny as it sounds (since before last year I had never really even stepped on a "ball field") I LOVE it! Love everything about it, the ball field food, the enthusiasm, the parents, the kids, it is just plain fun!

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