Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Week of Instagram

I can't even believe I am typing this AGAIN but this week/past weekend has been LONG!!! Chandler got her shots on Thursday... Friday I picked her up at daycare and she felt warm and when we got home the fever started. Saturday the vomiting and water poop started (sorry for the disgusting verb-age but there was no other way to explain what it was!) I am NOT a dr, I do not have any backing to my theory but I am 100% convinced as a mother with a motherly instinct that she got sick from the roto-virus vaccine! I think she may be that 1% that gets extremely ill when given the vaccine, just call it a hunch but that's my story and I am sticking to it.

We literally went for about 72 + hours of water poop EVERY 45 minutes. It was absolutely exhausting and last night was the first time that I saw my happy baby again. Granted, Chandler is always happy but I didn't see that spark in her sweet little eyes for the past 5 days and it broke my heart. I think she is BACK :) and things are looking up!

So, in between cleaning up puke, poop and doing a million loads of laundry I became slightly addicted to instagram, LOVE IT! I had never really utilized it before and I like following people cause you get to see the pics without out all of the hoopla of facebook. Here is our week in instagram pics... PS. I am NOT biased about my children. There are more pics of Chandler but that is because she is not yet mobile and will actually look at the camera and smile and not run and hide like two other children I know!

After 4 days of pedialyte this cutie-patootie finally was able to eat some solid food!

Oh, this kid. Her very first time sitting in the shopping cart like a big girl! Yes, I teared up and took 5 pictures in the front of Walmart, why are these milestones getting me so choked up????

Thankfully, my boss has been wonderful thru this unbelievably sick, sick season! Chandler can come to work with me on some of her sick days. Pretty much the whole office loves when Chandler comes and "aunt Lindsey" pretty much just lets her hang out at the front desk with her all day and I can only hold her a few times because she is spoiled rotten by my co-workers. So blessed for a job like this!

This was her at urgent care. On top of having the roto-virus she had a double ear infection so we got on an antibiotic...

It was SO nice outside, that was the one saving grace of the weekend. The bigs got to enjoy themselves and play non stop. Here is Annie asleep on the couch by 6:30 pm!

My sweet sleeping beauty. I love this pic especially her hair everywhere!

And Finally my sweet momma's boy! Today is the book fair at school and this kid is SO excited. I ALWAYS loved the scholastic book fair I could look around for hours and he is just like me! Funny how different things jog your memory. Of course his dad doesn't even remember book fairs! haha Palmer has my love of reading gene :)

I am looking forward to a weekend of firsts (Annie starts playing soccer), a weekend of catching up with old friends (BG here we come!) and if I can even say it.... A weekend of no sickness!

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