Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Finding a New Style...

So, I decided to steer away from "kid" talk today and make it all about ME! Haha I have really been having fun lately finding my own "style". I am not even sure you would define what I have as a certain style but I guess just becoming more stylish! I think it is hard after you become a mom and are in your 30's to really figure out how to dress cute, age appropriate but not frumpy, stylish but keeping on a budget, etc..

Let me start by saying that since I have been trying harder on my new style I am definitely NOT a fashionista in the slightest BUT I have come a LONG way from over sized  sweatshirts, all black wardrobe and no accessories!

I think a lot of it has to do with being comfortable in my skin and how I feel about myself. Also about looking at myself differently than I did in my early 20's . I know that the stretch marks on my stomach came from 3 wonderful miracles, that the wrinkles starting to show here and there on my face have come from living life and a lot of laughter and that my slowly sagging chest would not provide hours of entertainment for my 6 month old baby! ha! There was a long time when I wasn't happy when I looked in the mirror, I wasn't happy with my weight, I wasn't happy with me, period and it showed. Here is a prime example of how "stylish" I was and this was taken BEFORE kids!

My sister and I probably around 2005
This is even embarrassing for me to post. This was at Thanksgiving Dinner of all places and I have on a men's XL sweat!!!

So fast forward.... Thru the years since this picture I have taken it up a notch here and there in the wardrobe department but my "go to" outfit never failed. Jeans and a black turtle neck and black boots! My poor mom and mother in law dress SO cute and ALWAYS wear bright colors, I know they have secretly prayed for the day that I might step out of my drab wardrobe and get with the new trends! :)

Well, my mom took my sister and I shopping to the LOFT before Christmas. Her friends were there and they were telling me about straight leg pants, layering tops, what size I REALLY should be wearing and I had a BLAST!!! I bought clothes that fit, I bought clothes with color and I finally had a little "style". From there it has been a mission! I definitely keep it on the safer side! I wish I was a person that knew how to piece together different patterns and styles but I am SO not. The best I get, is seeing it on Pinterest and trying to imitate it! Here is a look at the beginning of my new style :)

I wear COLORS, straight leg pants and flats! Ooooh I also layer necklaces! This is all so new for me. See how that kid behind me could care less about my new style! haha

 I wear animal prints! CRAZY! :)

I wear two different colors and NO black! This outfit was bought for me by my mother in law, when I opened it she looked at me and said "Now, you wear these TOGETHER" Get out! I would have never tried that, I would have paired each piece with something black :) She is in heaven that I love shopping now!

I wear RED velvet pants and scarfs! :)

 I wear colors that I had no idea you could even wear together (thanks to the mannequin that had on the same outfit in the store! ha!)

And, I go outside the box and try on things that I would HAVE NEVER tried on years ago and guess what, most of them I like! This is a recent pic of my mother in law and I and yes, we do buy a lot of the same clothes!

It may not seem a lot for most people but it has been a great experience for me! It has kept me motivated to keep the weight off so that I can keep wearing the stylish clothes, it makes me feel better about myself and it is just plain fun!

Thanks mom for releasing my inner fashion plate :) My closet is starting to look like a rainbow exploded in it instead of a black hole! ha!


Tracy said...

I love your new style! I'm looking for my own right now. It's so easy as a stay at home mommy to wear sweats every day. I love the colored outfits!

Elizabeth and Jeremy said...

you look awesome!! and Im loving all the COlOR! Im guilty of yoga pants and all black outfits too :)