Monday, March 4, 2013

Girls Night Out!

I knew I would LOVE having a daughter (now I am blessed with 2!) but as Ann Mason grows up it seems like it just gets more fun! Granted I will probably retract this statement  somewhere around age 12 and won't be feeling this way until about 23! haha (joking, kind of, not really)

Friday night we had a big night out! We took Ann Mason and my niece Katelyn to Olive Garden and to get their nails done. Believe me I think the adults were more excited! Chandler even went because Ann Mason is adamant about the fact that she IS a girl, which means she MUST go to girls night!

We ate too much, laughed too much and shopped too much! I wish I had a picture of Chandler camped out on the dressing room floor playing with all of her toys! We may or may not have planned the shopping part :)

I know not every Friday night can be a big girls night out but I want my children to feel special and loved all of the time! I read on another blog about how we don't always have to make grand gestures that a picnic is just food with a blanket on the floor, spa day can be in your bathroom with some sliced cucumbers, movie night can become something more special with sleeping bags, popcorn and drinks on the living room floor! I loved that!

(side note: I have not forgotten about the sweetest boy in the world, my Palmer! He had "guys" night with his dadddy and I always try and do special things with him too! Ok, just had to clear that up so my "mom guilt" didn't go into overdrive!)

So here's to forts built out of sheets and chairs, camping in your bedrooms with flashlights, pizza and movie nights, spa nights with bubble baths and fake face masks, this list is infinite!

March 2013

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Tracy said...

Looks like you all had a really fun night!!