Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May Madness

How in the world is it the middle of May? Seriously? I have got to stop saying how busy we are because I know we are no more busier than probably most families around... I think maybe it is just that I haven't figured out how to do this with the most grace or efficiency. I think that is definitely the problem! I am the mom with 15 bags of stuff falling out of her stroller, sweating and trying to get from point A to point B with people behind me picking up items that keep on falling out behind me (true story a guy behind me literally picked up a sippy cup, my car key and a paci all with in about a 20 foot walk, I doubt he will ever walk behind me again!! haha)
This weekend was busy and fun! Here in Owensboro we have the famous BBQ festival. This is only our second year but it will be a tradition forever. Our neighbors all got together and had a cooking team, there is rides, junk, car shows and LOTS OF BBQ and FOOD!
Everyone loves the BBQ fest! Here is Chan (notice in the back she is riding with a blow up hello kitty) that is how we roll at the bbq fest! 
Tons of bouncies and slides!

And for the car lover in everyone (especially palmer) antique cars everywhere!

Again, if you didn't look closely you might have not realized that Palmer has a blow up camo rifle he won in a fishing game around him. Yes, this why we love the bbq fest! haha

My dad came in and went to the bbq festival with us which was great! He was a trooper and enjoyed watching the kiddos spend his money on cotton candy and fair like games :)
I think he needed some normalcy after we left so we had a great pre-mothers day dinner at our favorite Japanese restaurant. The kids LOVE this restaurant and the hibachi grill keeps everyone entertained so it was a win/win. Chandler is on the side passed out from too much of the bbq festival :)

Happy little campers, they ordered their favorite STEAK!

Dad and I! Someone said on facebook that we looked alike and I never really noticed it until this picture but I think we do, maybe the noses???

This is the kids watching the fire! Not sure why Palmer is holding his ears! haha

Mothers Day was good. I was going to give a less than shining account to mothers day. Simply because sometimes I think I might put too high of expectations on this holiday. When you have three small kids I don't know if a day can ever be truly relaxing. During my pity party I realized how many mom's and women hurt on Mother's day for various reasons. I realized that even if I was still doing laundry, wiping booties, cleaning the house and cooking lunch that I am still blessed just to be doing those things. Being a mom is a privilege, don't get me wrong I still want ONE day where I can do what I want, be by myself and not worry about what anyone needs or wants! haha But right now in my life this is exactly where I am and exactly what I am supposed to be doing!
I am grateful to have my mom, mother in law, sister, sister in laws and friends that are moms to walk this path with me. To show me the way when it seems I have gone off track and help get me back up and show me what is really important!

Last night was a BIG deal! haha It was Palmer's first tee ball game of the season and Tex's first debut as a head tee ball coach! They did amazing! I was such a proud mom and wife. I loved watching them out there making memories. Palmer did amazing and you could totally tell what a difference one year made in his abililty to play!

At the end of the day when I literally fall into my bed from pure exhaustion I realize it is a good exhaustion. It is one that comes from the heart even on the days where I felt I did nothing right. I am so grateful for this madness because on the days when everyone is gone and the house is empty and clean, these are the days I will look back on and think of with all of the happiness in the world!

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