Monday, May 6, 2013


Despite the non-stop rain this weekend we still had a great weekend! I was a little bummed because we had a great cookout planned with friends for the derby and the rain kind of changed everything but it worked out and we still got to see our friends and their sweet kids and made the most of it!
The best part of the whole weekend was Chandler's dedication at church. The dedication is  just comitting to God and our church to raise Chandler in a Christian home with Christian Values,etc...It is just a confirmation and a re commitment as her parents to do everything we can to teach her about God's Love in the way we live each day. It makes it even more special because my father in law (who I love with all of my heart) is the preacher and did the dedication!

Here are my three baby angels.... I could literally eat them. Chandler is the center of their world, it is ridiculous they literally fight over her!

Mamaw and Princess Chandler at church. She took her headband off during prayer!

Myke (my father in law) dedicating Chandler

Prayer time!

Afterwards we went out to eat with family and friends and enjoyed not having to cook or clean! ha! My sweet sister in a law and I!

My sweet neighbor turned amazing friend. :) She was so sweet to come with Karson and be there as we celebrated Chandlers special day!

Grandma Fran. She is like a kid whisperer, Annie just loves her!

Kathy and I! We made sure we didn't match :) haha

The girls!

Sweet Katelyn and I, she looks WAY to big and grown up in this picture!

Aunt Tricia and Uncle Johnny

The proud parents!

The cutest cake ever! I love having any reason to have a cute cake!!! The cake always makes it a party! ha!

Our fam! So blessed and content and happy with where we are today. There have been a lot of bumps getting here but it is very clear that God had a clear cut plan well before we knew what it was!
It was a wonderful day and I hope that my children find that passion for Jesus. I know that leading by example is the best thing I could ever do for them. During our recent bible study something hit me and has never left my thoughts. In the book it talked a lot about how when we hit our teenage/college years a lot of times we stray from Jesus before coming back and one father said something I thought was so profound... He said I know what happened.... "We raised her in church but we didn't raise her in Christ" I hope that my children know there is so much to having a relationship with God. It isn't about your attendence every Sunday or about the rules of organized religion but about your heart and that relationship that you have with Jesus. It is more than getting up on Sundays and filling the pews or saying the right things or listening to the right music. I hope that we can live by example and that they always know they have a loving, forgiving, amazing and powerful God!

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