Thursday, February 24, 2011

Love It or Hate It

Ok, so these pics are totally NOT me but I did go brunette and I mean brunette. We are NOT talking "Oh my gosh I went so dark" and all I see is a few little low lights I mean all over color job, the kind that takes a primer to get the color to stay cause you are going from one contrast to another! I feel like I should be in life and style magazine where they put % of which hair color they like the best except the blonde one always wins!
So, the verdict is out... I can feel people tilting their head and pondering whether they like it or not. I would post pics but I am scared to see the tally of those that love it or hate it! I like it, it takes some getting used to but I definitely see it growing on me. My excuse (and I will stick by it) is this is really my natural color people and I can't afford to be blond anymore! So love it or hate it I am going to be brown for a while :)

 No kidding, this is pretty much the difference from where I went. My hair is this dark!
Oh Nicole, you don't make my decision any better!
haha I will debut my new look at some point when I feel like the radar for judging as faded but right now it is in high gear! Palmer likes it so that is all that matters! Tex "petted" my hair and said it was nice, so I am pretty sure he is in an adjustment period!

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Elizabeth and Jeremy said...

I bet it looks great! Im a fan of box color too! Highlights get too expensive!