Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I needed a laugh and wanted to share

I need a laugh, like a pee in your pants kind of laugh. This week has sucked (sorry mom) I know their are more appropriate words to use but it literally has SUCKED! I am over unemployment, I am over people being huge JACK ASSES and I am over watching my husband's feelings get hurt repeatedly by this whole process!! I told him last night, we WILL make it and we WILL be better and stronger people because of it but it still makes me sad and it still makes me cry but somewhere deep inside it makes me grateful, most days I have to dig hard to find that but in the end I am Grateful!

Randomness in our house:
Palmer named his horse F*ck the other day! He said, "Mom, I have a new horse his name is F*ck"
I scream, "Tex come in here... Palmer tell your daddy what your horses name is please"
Palmer "F*ck"
Daddy and Mommy "Palmer that is NOT a nice word we DO NOT use that word in our house or anywhere for that matter, your horse will have to find a new name immediately!"
Palmer "But why F*ck's a GREAT word"
How can you argue with that? I have some culprits in mind that may or may not have dropped the F-bomb at my house, their time will come!

Ann Mason has officially locked herself in so many rooms this past week that we may or may not have to take all door handles off the doors! We spent most of the weekend with a little metal key sticking it into a pin hole yelling "Annie, OPEN THE DOOR" all she says is "Hi!"

3/4 of my fam is off to Owensboro to have fun and visit family while I work late both nights (do you sense sarcasm and bitterness) I am glad they are going, I would much rather know they are having fun than know that they are at home stuck in the house. That means I get 2 free nights to read, watch TV, sleep, do whatever I want! Why is it when we get freedom we want the family back?
Read this and laugh I know I did! Rants From Mommy Land
I love these chics!!!

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