Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gaining Weight and Losing Weight

This princess went for her 2 year appointment this morning!

I wasn't able to go so Tex had to do the whole deal himself with both kids, shots and all! He was a trooper! I was SO curious for Ann Mason to go to her appointment to see how big she was!! She is not fitting into anything I buy her and I was starting to wonder if all the clothes I bought just ran too small :)

Well, she is
29.5 Pounds
35 Inches
Which puts her in the 81% for both height and weight! I was shocked! Maybe she needs to lay off the chocolate donuts in the morning as pictured above! haha She is doing great and is perfectly on schedule and exactly where she needs to be! Tex made it thru the appointment and everyone stopped by to say hey to me at work afterwards!!!

On the subject of GAINGING weight I am thinking about LOSING weight!!! Today marks the 6 week point until Tex and I take our adult vacation!!
I spent 5 hours in the ER yesterday and as of right now they didn't see any gallstones or kidney stones but I am going to have a HIDA scan to test the functioning of my gallbladder to see if that is causing the pain and sickness!
So I figured since I want to lose weight before vacay and I want to keep track of what I eat in case of any more attacks, that it makes sense to track my food intake and calories. Spark People is an AWESOME and FREE website to track nutrition, weight, exercise, etc.... It gives you how many calories you should have daily and gives tips, forums, recipes, etc...
So as of today I am tracking my calories for 6 weeks!!! I will let you know how it goes! I am NOT brave enough to post my "before" weight all over the world wide web but I will update HOPEFULLY with pounds lost! haha I doubt I will wear a bikini again but it would be fun knowing I could if I wanted too!

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