Sunday, March 27, 2011

When One Door Closes another One Opens...

I took an unintentional hiatus from blogging! It has been an emotional week for us. I thought I knew that unemployment would be hard but it surprises me every day just how hard it has been and what an emotional roller coaster it is. You get excited and you get your hopes up then comes the disappointment, just when you think you have it figured out you learn that your back to square one and then the cycle seems to repeat itself time and time again.

With my personality it is SO hard to just wait for the right "timing" because I want to know NOW what our life is going to "look" like. Where are we going to live, what are we going to do, etc... God has definitely shown us that He is leading the way. I am grateful that he keeps closing some of these doors because I have to believe He is opening more and taking us down the right path. I am learning to stay in the day because it seems like each day our plan changes :) I know that I will look back on this with gratitude and a stronger appreciation for what we have been blessed with and a closer relationship with Tex and my children because there are days when I don't want to try anymore and I just have to look at them and remember that this isn't really about me at all, it is instant perspective! We appreciate your thoughts and prayers more than you know! We have friends and family that get excited with us and feel our disappointment and that is priceless!

On and MUCH lighter note!!! The kids have been AWESOME! They are definitely the bright spot in my day, every day! Palmer started soccer and Tex started his "coaching" career! Here are some pics from the Navy Ninjas first practice and Tex's first go at coaching 3 year olds!

 Coach Chris trying to instruct 6 tiny 3 year olds, a lot harder than it looks :)
I LOVE this picture!! Ann Mason wants to be on the team SO bad!!! She was sitting on the soccer ball listening to coach/dad give his pep talk! I have a feeling she will be playing soccer soon!

Palmer's #1 Cheerleader!!! I even taught her spirit fingers! She screams "Go Palmer" and then does the spirit fingers!

We had a great Friday night hanging out with Nikki and her boys. The kids are best friends and it is so fun to watch them grow and play together. While the boys were wrestling in the basement Nikki and I thought it was time to introduce Ann Mason to something that would get her thru a lot of tough times in life... COOKIE DOUGH! The three of sat there with spoons and dug into the cookie dough and had "girl talk" definitely a memory I won't forget!

Annie's first bite of deliciousness!

Lovin Life!

Alex couldn't resist the cookie dough and girl time so he joined us at the end and loved the cookie dough just as much as Annie.

This Saturday was Palmer's first real game. They actually played another team and had a referee and everything. My expectations were low to say the least :) When you are dealing with 3 year olds you never know what the day will bring. I was pleasantly surprised that Palmer did AWESOME! He scored 3 goals!! I was shocked usually pretty reserved, sensitive boy was out there being aggressive and stealing balls and making goals! I had to catch myself from screaming too much from the sidelines, I didn't want to get too many looks from the other parents but I was pretty darn proud!

Warming up with stretches!

More stretches getting ready for the big game! haha Did I mention it was 39 degrees out? I didn't get to take many pictures between trying to keep Ann Mason warm and watching the game but hopefully I can get some action shots soon!

Another highlight of the weekend was going to Owensboro to hang out with the family! This is Palmer and Ann Mason's "happy" place, they LOVE it and LOVE hanging with their cousins even more! Here is the fab four at church! I love how much they love each other!

It was a great week end to a not-so-great week! I realize that this will be a small blip on the radar one day! All we can do is trust and pray and be open and willing to whatever direction we are supposed to go in! For today we have each other and an amazing support system and that really is what life is all about.


Elizabeth and Jeremy said...

Love the pics! And I love that Tex is the coach! AM's hair has gotten SOOOO long! I love it! I ordered those bows from that Ebay lady- I love them!

Sweet Caroline said...

I love you all and just know good times are ahead. It's soooo hard sometimes but putting it in God's hands is all we can do. I'm so glad the weekend was great. Nothing like cookie dough and girl time and now Ann Mason can be a part of it. Miss you guys as always. YOu have a huge support system and this is just a bump in the road(may seem like a mountain sometimes) but it will all work out. LOVE ya and hear to listen phone or email lol