Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cousin Love!

Palmer and Ann Mason are in LOVE with a little cutie named Belle! Aunt Ashley has been so helpful over the past few weeks watching the kids while I am at work and Tex has interviews and the kids are in HEAVEN!!! Palmer is in love, Ann Mason is midly obsessed! She has started to ask for paci's, bottles and wants to wear a bib and talk baby talk! Oh and she had me get her bumpo seat out the other day so she could eat in it!
Palmer smiling and Ann Mason making sure she is as close as she can possibly be to Belle! haha

I love this Annie and Belle are looking at Palmer and he is probably thinking, why aren't there any boys around here!

Going in for the kill!

Best Buds!

Matching in their Monkey pjs that Ann Mason forced Ashley to find and put on her so that she could be just like Belle!

Again, Palmer bored of this non-sense between Annie and Belle!

I think Belle really likes them too! I can't wait for them to grow up and be best friends! I think Palmer and Ann Mason would be a great big brother and sister, but for now we will just pretend with Belle!

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