Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Part II

One of the best parts of the weekend was spending time with Family! My mom was in and we were able to spend lots of time with Belle! The kids were in heaven! I know I am not in many of the pictures and the one I did post I look horrible! I have only self-diagnosed as of now but I am pretty sure I am having gallbladder attacks? :( Boo! They are terrible and painful, I am going to the gasterologist Thursday and I fear my ol gallbladder will be coming out soon! I will keep ya posted. Yes, if you were wondering this is the last thing we need right now but I guess that is the way life works! ha! Trying to look at the glass half full so  I guess it is a blessing the Tex can be home while I am recovering.
The girls, Annie is mildly obsessed with Belle! She wants to be a baby again and found a paci and has been asking for a bottle!
Don't you just want to squeeze her sweet cheeks, she is so sweet and happy!
She even smiles when the camera is on her!
This might be my favorite pic of neenie and the kiddos, their faces say it all!
Belle on Day 2 dressed up in her tutu! The kids went nuts over her and Palmer is SO sweet to her and talks to her in a whisper and laughs at everything she does!
Ann Mason trying to touch her, she thought she was a real ballerina in her outfit!
Sweet girl! She woke up with pink eye this morning and she was still smiling! Ashley made her headband and flower that is on it, SO CUTE!
An attempt at getting everyone in the picture, I don't think we will ever get one where everyone is looking at the camera!
These two were buddies! I know they are excited for Neenie to come back in April and watch them while Mommy and Daddy go on vacation, I know I am excited!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I am gearing up for the week and trying to watch what I eat so my gallbladder doesn't go crazy :)

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