Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 2, Soccer and a Shopping Spree!

So I successfully made it thru Day 1 of my journey to tracking all of my food intake! haha I plugged in everything and I stayed within range of all my daily goals! I even downloaded the app on my phone and it makes it so easy to always plug in the food you eat! I have done 1/2 of day 2 so far, so good! haha The weekends will be the big test!!!

Spark People!!!

Download the app on your phone and have access 24/7!

Palmer starts his outdoor soccer team this weekend! He has team pictures and we even have to buy him shin guards!! I can't wait to see him all cute (or manly) in his soccer outfit! The funniest thing is that we marked a box for Tex to volunteer with the coach and help out...well, we got the information packet and Tex IS the coach! haha I think he is more nervous coaching 7 three year olds than he was coaching high school! I hope Tex knows what he is doing because I sure don't! :)

Don't forget this weekend is the GAP GIVE AND GET! 30% off at GAP, OLD NAVY and BANANA REPUBLIC!!! I am taking a solo roadtrip to the outlet malls!!! Money is not growing on trees these days so I used my points from my debit card for Gap/Banana/Old Navy gift card and I am heading to the outlets with my gift cards and 30% off!! I am hoping to get all of us most of our spring/summer wardrobe!!

Keep Tex in your prayers, he has a few leads that he is talking to this week and we are praying something pans out! This is such a frustrating process full of self doubt and I just want to see him feel good about himself and be able to work somewhere that he truly enjoys!

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