Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Part I

We had a great weekend filled with lots of fun! It was one of those weekends with no plans but we ended up having the best time! Friday night Tex and I were spontaneous and decided to take the kiddos to see Yogi Bear at the dollar movies! I think going and picking out the candy  popcorn was the best part! The movie is seriously terrible probably up there in top 10 worst movies ever, so the kids attention span was shortened greatly, but we still had fun! We made it about half way thru the movie but we had a great time!
Palmer and Ann Mason before the movies! So excited!
Saturday morning was a nice surprise! We went to the "train table" in Barnes and Nobles with my mom and Aunt Janet who were in from Florida and when we got there the kids section was filling up and to our surprise it was story time! The kids loved it (for about 10 minutes! ha!)
With Neenie at Story time....

Well, I have managed to avoid spending any money in Build a Bear for an impressive 4 years, but Neenie came into town and the next thing you know Palmer and Annie were making bears/bunnies in Build a Bear! It was actually super cute and a lot of fun!! They had a blast doing it and I think I was more excited than they were!
Palmer stepping on the stuffing to fill the doggy he picked out!
The sweet and very patient build a bear worker stuffing the doggy!
 Palmer picking out his doggies heart!
Rubbing the heart on his body for lots of love before he put the heart in!
Ann Mason after her bunny came to life!
Annie picking out her heart!
Palmer SO excited! He dressed his doggy as a cop at first and then switched him to a fireman, of course! He named him Nulo (no clue???) and now he just goes by fire-dog!
Ann Masons bunny was SO cute! She dressed her in a ballerina outfit with shoes and bows to match! She named her Balle-rita! She LOVES her!

That covered just Friday night and Saturday morning! ha! My goal was to take more pics this weekend and I think I took about 125!

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