Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fun Filled Weekend!

The Templeton's decided to take a last minute road trip this weekend. It was one of those weekends where we had not one plan and I should have been excited to have nothing to do for the whole weekend but the weather has been so yucky and the kids have been cooped up so I just wanted to get away and be with friends and family... so we went to Owensboro! We had a WONDERFUL weekend and the kids couldn't have been more excited. Palmer starts clapping the minute we hit the Owensboro city limits and doesn't stop smiling the whole time!
It was a busy weekend getting to visit with lots of friends and family and we even got an adult night out with two of our great friends Whitney and Jason! It was definitely a spirit lifting weekend!

Here is Ann Mason's new "smile" it looks more like a growl but we LOVE it and she laughs and thinks it is hilarious.

If it possible for a child to OD on Chocolate Palmer could have been a prime candidate. He knows how to work Mamaw and Papaw and between the both of them I can't count how many times he was allowed to get a chocolate treat from the pantry! That is what Grandparents are for, right? Here him and Ethan are enjoying their favorite chocolate ice cream cones!

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was going to hear Tricia speak at a women's weekend at a local church in Owensboro. Kathy and I got to go as guests and listen to her speak in a breakout session. I knew Tricia had a gift of teaching and public speaking since she is a college professor but I was in awe of how well she was able to relate with the other women and give such an inspiring message. Her talk was about communication with references from the scripture about the tongue and the way we communicate, what a eye-opening subject! I was so proud of her and it was such a great morning to spend with Kathy and Tricia!
Thanks to our family and friends in Owensboro who always get excited when we say we are coming in and making time to spend with us, we love you guys!

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