Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just a Couple of Jokers at the Park!

Our Wish came true! We were able to put on our "heavy" jackets and the kids "joker" hats and go to the park! Even if it was just for about 30 minutes we made the most of our time! The kids had a blast and I took the opportunity to take some pics!
Our "dare-devil" Ann Mason has no fear with slides, swings and anything to do with danger! She is going to thrives off of thrills! haha Poor Palmer doesn't know whether to still be in the baby swing or the big swing, so of course our ever cautious Palmer chose to look like baby Hughey in the baby swing! I laughed so hard at these two, never-ever a dull moment!

Daddy getting ready to give the big push down the slide! Please look at my daughter, she is ready to party!
Palmer LOVES to climb the rock wall!

Hanging on for dear life before taking the plunge down!
Ann Mason stepping out into the fresh air and Sunshine and loving every moment!
Palmer's just so excited to be outside he doesn't care what kind of hat we put on him!

My sweet, precious girl!


Hope you had this good of a day! Love, The Templetons!

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Elizabeth and Jeremy said...

I love their Hats!!! Thats interesting about Palmer and the prevacid...we give it to her in a dropper too and Im praying it works! Your comment gave me hope! She just looks so miserable and in pain. Thats exactly what they reccomended- fewer ounces more often. She eats all the time :) Come over any time!! She's getting so big!