Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hoppin Down the Bunny Trail

Today was a WONDERFUL day after a LONG and HARD week! One of my best friends since I was 12 came in to visit for the day!! Sylvia and I have been friends forever and it was SO much fun for her to come in and spend time with the kids! She had Palmer in the palm of her hand after "Sylvi" bought him cars at the Disney store! Ann Mason was equally in love with her!
We went to see the Easter Bunny! Palmer is at such a fun age and is so in AWE of all things related to Santa, Easter Bunny, etc... He had a great time and our whole family enjoyed a day of having fun and letting this past week go!

"Mom, look at my "bunny ears"!

The Kids and I with Mr. Bunny! Ann Mason let out blood curdling screams each time I attempted to set her on Bunny's lap. I don't really blame her, he does look kind of scary! ha!

Palmer with the Easter Bunny waving to Sylvi :)
The Kids and I waiting in line. Check out Ann Mason's face like "No, I am NOT!"

Tex and I are off to Michigan tomorrow to celebrate the life of my Grandma Beanie. While we will miss her dearly we celebrate the wonderful life she led and the amazing legacy she left with each person she met! We are so grateful for Mamaw Kathy coming in so that Tex and I can take this trip together and spend some time with our family!

I am glad to say GOODBYE to this week and look forward to some better days!

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