Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Neenie Time!

We were so very sad to see Neenie go this past Friday! The kids had SO much fun with her and just really got to spend so much good quality time. They LOVE her so much and everything Neenie does with them is fun! Here are some of the highlights!
My kids actually spent the night in the hotel with my mom!!! I don't know what I have done to my kids but they won't spend the night even with Mamaw who lives here? The last time they spent the night somewhere was when we were in the hospital having Chandler! I would totally let them but they are all like "there's no place like home"!!! 
Neenie taking them down on a luggage cart at 9pm to get Chocolate. Whatever works!!!

Trip to Cracker Barrel! Always our favorite!

Chan doing what Chan does best! Look at those chubby cheeks! I could eat them ALL day long!

They went swimming A LOT!!

Even Chan dipped her fat piggies in the pool a few times! She looks hilarious in this pic, that is not her bathing suit that is a towel!

Mom got to see Palmer play his tee ball game, he was so excited!~ He loves a crowd!

They went swimming SOME MORE!

And even MORE!

They Laughed A LOT!

And had SO much fun!
My poor momma I know she had to have been worn out, she watched them all day long for 4 days. That would wear me out and I am their mom! She was a trooper and they will always remember these times with Neenie! We love and miss you mom, wish we could see you everyday!

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