Thursday, March 8, 2012

16 weeks!

 I decided to spice things up a bit! I am going to try and make my weekly updates a little more "hip"! ha! Excuse the pic from this week the camera cord is still MIA. I just put some little tid bits about what is going on this week and yes, I am including the weight gain! I keep on looking back at Palmer and Ann Mason's baby books and can't find my weight or weight gain because I am sure at the time I didn't want to know, but now I do! So, I thought what the heck I will add it! (*Sidenote, I gained like 5-7 pounds before I even got pregnant from the hormones :( boo!)

Yesterday I had my 16 week dr appt and it was AWESOME! I could hear the baby literally doing flips on the doppler, BEST.SOUND.EVER! To top it off.... My gender ultrasound got pushed back two weeks so we now find out..... March 28th!! It just makes things so much more real! I literally have no idea what I am having... at first I thought girl, now I think boy and tomorrow it will probably change!

Happy 16 weeks!

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Sarah said...

Oh Blake you are so stinkin' cute! Make me want another one just for a second. ;) I already have my hands full! And I would so go eat sushi with you if we were closer...I could eat it every night!