Monday, March 5, 2012


I am totally RECHARGED! I had hands down one of the best weekends that I have had in a LONG time!! It is no secret that this move hasn't been everything I had hoped for and I just needed to get a way and recharge and reconnect and that is exactly what I did! I took off by myself Saturday morning for a weekend of eating, friends, pampering and just some "me" time. (Thank you to my wonderful husband who never complains or questions my need to be around my girlfriends! I think he knows that it makes me a better wife and mother :) I can't tell you what a little girlfriend therapy and some alone mommy time can do, it is truly amazing! Even though I am sad that I am not in Louisville I have to be grateful that it is just a short drive away and that I can visit any time I want to!

On another positive note! I totally found baby T #3's bedding! I have searched high and low website after website with a specific look in mind for this nursery. I wanted more sophisticated. I have done the bright colors and this nursery is small and intimate and I wanted something to match that feel. I also needed something that I could incorporate the yellow rocker and ottoman that I have used in all of the kids nurseries, that was a must!

So, I know you all are wondering how in the world I picked out bedding when I have no clue what this child is? Well, in my defense it was under GENDER NEUTRAL bedding sets on the website, so I say that it can totally go boy or girl. It is probably more on the girly side but if baby T # 3 is a boy then he will just have to be a little girly for the first 2 years because his mommas is OBSESSED with this bedding! ha! 

We are going to use Ann Mason's crib and her dresser from her room and I took her shopping for some cute things for her room last night. We have a lot of switching and moving around to do but i think it is going to work perfectly! So here it is....
Love it! I am thinking an accent wall in that mocha color or incorporating some of the blues....?

Here is the big view of it...

Think less busy, we won't have the full panel drapes and all of the wall decor. More so just the bedding... I bought a lamp shade and a pillow for the glider to match, just enough!

I am starting to feel like this may actually be real! haha I have a lot to do in the next 5 months!


Sarah said...

Love Love Love this!! It is beautiful!

Sylvia said...

I know I'm a bit behind. But I love the bedding. Can't you be my interior decorator for my baby room??