Thursday, March 22, 2012


I am 18 weeks today WOOHOO! It keeps rolling by and I like it :) I had to do my weekly post in blue/white for the CATS!!! Can't wait for the game tomorrow night!

We have a big weekend and an even bigger week because we get to find out what baby T #3 is on Wednesday! I am taking off work and so is Tex and we have lots of fun things planned! Palmer and Ann Mason are going with us to the ultrasound and then that night we are having some family over to do a "gender reveal" cookout with pink or blue cupcakes! Since this might be our last bambino I figure we might as well celebrate him/her to the fullest!~

Other than the night sickness I am feeling good. Not nearly as many headaches and I have some energy again! I am HUNGRY 24/7 though and that is scary! I am just praying we see a healthy baby that measures well!! I can't hardly wait!

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