Friday, March 9, 2012

Getting Organized....

90% of the time I am beyond excited when I think about expanding our family but... to be honest there is a solid 10% of the time that I lose my breathe mid thought, start having heart palpitations and break out into a cold sweat wondering if I can handle this! Palmer is officially registered for Kindergarten and with that came a 3 page itinerary and to do list that included exams, physicals, dentist appointments, orientation, teacher meet and greet, school kick off, screenings, etc.... My heart was in my stomach, I know thousands of kids start kindergarten every year and that most of these kindergarten moms work like I do but to think about being 37 weeks pregnant and trying to schedule all of this stuff (not to mention they make these fun events in the middle of the work day!!!) is totally overwhelming!

So first things first... I ordered my very first "mom agenda". Go to ! Apparently these little planners are going to make my life easier with room for multiple kids schedules, birthdays, class events, etc... now if I could just have a personal assistant that came with it I would be set!

I wish I could be more like my husband and I KNOW that is why we work so well together because my mind NEVER shuts off ( HUGE PROBLEM) and his mind well, I wouldn't say it never shuts on! ha but it is relatively quiet most of the time. He 100% always believes that everything will be fine and everything works out in the end and just let things take its course and there is no sense worrying about it. Usually he is right, which makes me SO mad. :) But I can't help but think of all of the logistics of being a mom to 3 small children and working full time. Am I strong enough to handle it, do I have it in me, can we make this work financially and the list goes on and on....

Somewhere in the deep back of my mind I know that our new addition will bring so much joy and a  new normal to our lives but my incessant worrying type A personality wants to plan it all out from A to Z. When am I going to learn that is not how it works?

So for now I am going to use my mom agenda has my first line of defense, try and stay organized and just do the best I can :) I realize that I am very blessed if these are my biggest worries.

Wish me luck, the next 5 months are going to be a CRAZY ride, heck what am I talking about the next 18 years are going to be CRAZY! ha!

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