Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We are still here...

Well, the inevitable happened.... If you have read my blog you know we have battled the "big bed" for Palmer for some time now. I had totally surrendered to the idea that he could stay in his crib for as long as he wanted! Well, Sunday we were all taking an afternoon nap after Church and Tex wakes up from the couch and this guy was reading a book next to him! He escaped! I don't know where it came from, he has never tried to get out before but he did it! So we are doomed... no going back to the crib cause he climbs out. We have tried 101 different ways to get him to stay in his room but they aren't working! Anyone have any miracle tricks?? haha I think I better get used to a little one by our bed for a while! Oh the sleepless nights are catching up with me! But how can you get mad at his sweet face? I try to think when he is older he won't want mom right next to him and just cherish these precious moments even if they are making me a zombie!
These two are keeping me busy! It is Tex's busy season so he is at work by 4:30 or 5 am and doesn't get home until about 5:30 and works about 7 days a week! We miss him SO much!!! At least it isn't year round and starting in late Sept things will slow down dramatically and I can't wait to have my hubby back! By the time we do lay down at night we are both so pooped we usually say Goodnight, I love you and go to bed! We are getting a 2 night hiatus tomorrow from the kiddos so I plan to turn off my phone and computer and spend some quality time with just Tex doing whatever we want to do, hopefully we won't just want to sleep! haha

Oh this girl! She looks so stinking sweet and she is but oh my goodness she is into everything and she thinks she is a boy!!! I bought Palmer a "cars" toothbrush and her a "princess" one and guess what she wants the "cars" one. She wants the "cars" sippy cups, the golf club sets and all things boys. I can see her basically shunning all her pink, cute and adorable little girlie toys! The only thing "girly" she does like is her baby and she just likes to slam her on the floor!!! There is no bin, door, drawer, etc... that goes untouched, undamaged, un-rummaged thru daily! I am constantly going around picking up after this tornado :) She is giving me a run for my money, not exactly the passive little girly girl I once thought she might be! That's ok I will go for a strong independent type! heehee!
So really, I know we have been busy but yet I don't have a clue what we have been doing! I did have my first yard sale and we "de-cluttered" the house quite a bit and it feels good! I parted ways with some baby stuff although I was not ready to get rid of the clothes, I will be 45 and still thinking about having a 3rd baby! :)
I miss blogging! Hopefully I will have some time this weekend to update more! We get to meet precious Ryder this weekend and I get to hold a baby! I am SO excited! I will post lots of pics!


Sarah said...

Hey Blake! We have gone through the same thing with Oakley and him not wanting to stay in bed. I don't have any secret tricks except to say hang in there...this too shall pass. We have had many sleepless nights and he has only recently started staying in bed and sleeping though the the baby is due any day and we will start our sleepless nights all over again! But just like you said they won't be this little forever and one day they won't want mom right beside them. I think you are right to just cherish these moments and know that it will not last forever!

Elizabeth and Jeremy said...

You are so sweet Blake! Isnt her hair crazy!! She's lost most of it on the sides but has SO much on top! Funny little girl! We must get together soon! Love the new pics of the kids- they are so adorable!! I love Ann Masons fiesty little personality :)