Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ann Mason 15 month checkup...

Yes, that is right I said 15 months and she is pretty much 16 1/2 months!! Oops we go to the Dr so much anyways, I am sure it doesn't matter! ha! This was her "well" appointment and this girl is growing like a weed! I was shocked to find that she was:
25 pounds - 75% for weight
31 1/2 inches - 72% for height
and 57% for head circumference
She was in the 30% for everything the last time we went so she is moving on up, I pray my children get more of their daddy's height than mine (or lack their of! heehee)

This girl is feisty people! She loves hard, plays hard and fights hard!
She is talking up a storm and I am LOVING it! She says baby, milk, water, momma, daddy, bubba, ball, right here, etc... It is the sweetest sound I have ever heard until it becomes her demanding scream! ha ha!
She LOVES her brother but her main goal in life is to still re-arrange his ever organized little world, some times we let Palmer "stay up later" after Ann Mason goes to bed so he can just "be" without anyone messing with him. As much as he gets frustrated he laid down this morning and cried because she wasn't up before him, so I know he LOVES her just as much!

She is ALWAYS willing to be hugged and kissed to no end and I love that more than anything in this world! She is constantly smiling and just loves attention and love from anyone! I can pick her up at any moment of any day and she is always willing to hug and kiss me back and loves every minute of it! I can't get enough of this girl :)

Unfortunately during our "well" visit we realized this smiling face had strep AGAIN! We are determined she is a straight strep carrier and almost always has it. Our options are A. Take her tonsils out (which I am not opposed too just not ready to pay the outrageous medical bills) or B. Put her on a 4 week amoxicillian regimen to see if we can kill the strep? Probably not medically correct but you get the point. I had NO idea she was even sick! I felt so bad. But she made it and got two shiny silver stickers and a big cup of vanilla soft serve from DQ and she was a happy girl!
These last 16 1/2 months have been amazing but I have truly loved the last few months watching Ann Mason's personality come out (even more!) and watching her learn new things and starting to talk! Her and Palmer are just the most precious things in the world to Tex and I, my heart just breaks thinking about them! I am trying to give Ashley's baby a lot of good things that were Ann Masons and it has mad me incredibly sad. I threw away her bottles the other night and I almost sat down to cry, over Dr. Brown's Bottles! I don't know what God's plan is for me and whether we will be blessed with another child but I never take for granted that I have already been blessed beyond measure for a family that is healthy and happy and for that I am eternally grateful!

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