Sunday, June 6, 2010

When the Kids are Away.... The Parents will Play!

This Handsome Boy (with bed head)

And this sweet, pretty girl!
Went to Mamaw and Papaw's for 2 whole nights!!! As much as I have missed them this was a much needed retreat for Tex and I to have some quality time together and we took advantage of every moment! We were able to go to Churchill downs to celebrate our best friends birthdays! I didn't take many pics of the weekend I was too busy relaxing and not moving or chasing any mini me's around! haha

Me, Katie and Jenny

Kimmie, Me, Jessica

Me, Jenny, Erin and Kimmie
This weekend was relaxing! I was tempted to do things like clean out closests and organize the garage but I thought that there will be more time for that and the most important thing this weekend was just to enjoy my husband! We watched movies, ate dinner, slept a whole 2 nights with no waking babies and probably my favorite time was 3 hours spent by our pool doing nothing but laying in a chair and flipping pages in my book! It was great but I will be SO excited to see my babies tomorrow!!! I know they are in great hands having a blast so that is all that matters but I can't wait to see their sweet smiling faces! So thankful for this weekend!

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Connie Shear said...

You needed it Baby!!! I hope I can be there in the future to help you relax:) Love Your Mom