Monday, May 7, 2012

Big, Middle, Little

We had a GREAT weekend! I am still trying to recover and feel absolutley exhausted but it was worth it! I have tons of pics to post if I ever get a chance to download them. It was a wonderful weekend celebrating my dad's 60th Birthday and being with family! The kids were awesome and we all had the best time!

I am slightly overwhelmed by my house right now, Ashley gave me back all of Ann Mason's baby clothes for Chandler so right now Chandlers nursery is seriously in shambles not to mention the laundry pile up and bags that haven't been unpacked from this weekend! Hopefully I will find enough energy to get some stuff done this week!

We have started to get a few packages in the mail that I may or may not have ordered for Chandler. Girlfriend is going to be wearing a lot of hand-me-downs but she needs a few things that are new and adorable for sure! I ordered these shirts off Etsy for the kiddos to wear to the hospital. I thought they were PRECIOUS! Chandlers onsie is the littlest thing I have ever seen, I can't believe they can be that tiny! Just had to share... Happy Monday :)

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