Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What's Up Wednesday!

It feels like not a lot and everything is going on right now at the same time. Nothing dramatic or crazy (which is always appreciated) but just a lot of busy stuff trying to get ready for some R&R starting Saturday! Here are some random Wednesday thoughts....

*I failed my glucose test??? Really? I have NEVER failed my glucose test before, so now tomorrow morning I get to sit for 3 hours and get my blood drawn three times. I PRAY that I pass the 3 hour test, from what I have heard it is common to fail the one hour one and then pass the 3 hour one, I hope this is the situation for me.

*My to do list/activity list seems endless. I have A LOT to accomplish before we jump in the car and drive towards sun and sand and I have NO energy! It may or may not be from the fact that I stay up WAY too late every night reading Fifty Shades of Grey (that is enough for a whole post by itself)

*I came across an AMAZING blog that I think every parent should read! It is called Hands Free Mama it is so profound and really puts things in prespective. I really hope to implement a lot of the suggestions on trying to be as "present" with my family as humanly possible. She is so truthful about her mistakes and I know she is helping parents all over the world not miss out on their children's life!

Happy Hump Day! Hopefully tomorrow I will be more exciting! ha!

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