Thursday, May 10, 2012

25 weeks!

I am 25 weeks today! WOOT! Thanks to my 4 year old baby boy I got a picture of the whole me (and there is a lot of me!) :) this morning! My belly is HUGE! I seriously don't think my belly has ever been this big with the other two especially at 25 weeks, it definitely makes me nervous how much bigger it can get. I always have small babies so I don't think I am growing a 10 pounder or anything I am just thinking my belly is getting REALLY big! :)

This has been a GREAT week! I truly feel like my mental state is finally getting back to sane and normal! I can even half way admit that I don't hate where I live anymore :) and even some days I like it and am starting to appreciate it! There are tons of things I miss about "home" but I am starting to meet some people and really enjoy my time here. Maybe my hormones are finally starting to level out, whatever it is I am truly grateful! I just hope that it stays this way :) I am hoping to get all of the "crazy" out of the way so that when Chandler does get here I will be able to 100% focus on her with a clear and positive mind!

We have tons of fun things to look forward to this month and I have a feeling I am going to look up and it is going to be June!

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