Friday, July 13, 2012

34 Weeks!

TGIF! I turned 34 weeks yesterday! We are down to 35 days! My sleeping is pretty much starting to be non existent meaning that I am up every 2 hours to go to the bathroom and trying to put pillows back between my legs! haha

34 weeks!
Weight Gain 19.5 pounds (I am hanging on until I hit that 20 mark any day :)
Cravings: Nothing I can't eat a lot these days
High of the Week: Getting the last of Chandlers clothes put away!
Low of the Week: Full on Waddle even if I try to walk normal I can't :)

Ann Mason and I are having a "girls" road trip tomorrow! My oldest friend Sylvia is having a baby shower and Annie and I are headed to celebrate Baby Gray and then we will make a stop and spend the night with Aunt Ashley and Belle! She is SO excited about this trip, I love it! Palmer and Tex are staying in town and going birthday party hopping! Palmer has two birthdays and they are having "guys night"

We finally finished up tee ball season with a nail biter of a game :) These parents really go crazy, the coaches and umpires were getting into, it is crazy! My husband is definitely too passive for this sport! ha! Palmer got 3rd place and his last game was his best game ever, 3 bats, 3 runs and no outs! I am sad it is over because we met some amazing new friends but I am glad to have my week nights back!

Everyone have a happy Friday! This is my last traveling weekend until Chandler arrives, I can't believe it is getting so close!


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