Monday, July 9, 2012

Heat Exhaustion

Man, this heat has gotten me down! The blog has been slacking, I am moving slow and really everything is taking a lot out of me these days :) I am pleased to say that I officially only have 39 DAYS till Chandler arrives! WOOHOO!

This weekend wasn't one of my finer weekends :) We had a gas smell scare at the house Friday night and had the gas company come over to do an emergency reading, luckily everything was ok but we stayed the night at my in laws just in case. Saturday was SO hot that literally I sweated all day and it just made me grumpy. Saturday night we all got to bed early around 9 and I was SO glad to be going to bed to start a new day and at 9:30 our power went out! We waited around till 11 pm and realized it didn't look like it was coming back on so we packed up again and headed to the in laws. My father in law cracked me up I think he was so confused every morning when he woke up and we were there! ha!

I think two nights of displacement were a disruption so everyone was a little "off" most of the weekend. Thankfully, it was nothing major but I can tell you I wouldn't be could right now in a crisis situation :) My hormones are OFF the charts and I am pretty sure I could cry watching a NASCAR commercial at this point. Today is a better day and with the temps in the 80's it feels AMAZING outside :) haha

On a lighter note my subway boards came in and I am obsessed! I found this great deal on Very Jane for these adorable subway boards from As Unique As U you could literally put whatever you wanted on them. So I customized them for each kiddo with the colors from their room and some of their favorite things. Since Chandler doesn't have too many hobbies I just put some sweet words on hers. I love them!

Palmer's boy subway board

chandler's sweet board, it is the prettiest baby blue and matches her room perfect!

Ann Mason's board, she loves for me to read all of the adjectives!

Speaking of Ann Mason this little stinker is having a hard time....
Just in the past few weeks she has been especially clingy to me... usually she is all about daddy. It is so bad that she cries every morning when I take her to school because she moved up to the 3 year old room. I really think between moving up to the "big girl" room and all the talk of the baby I think she is having some anxiety and wanting to go back to being my baby. :( Of course I cried all the way to work today cause it breaks my heart. I am taking her on a special "girls road trip" this weekend to a baby shower and to visit Aunt Ashley. I am trying so hard to give everyone special attention with so much going on I don't want anyone to get lost in the crowd. I know that chandler will bring So much joy to our family and give Ann Mason a whole new purpose as a big sister! I just pray for each of my children to know that they are loved and special and that I make them feel that way every day!

I am hoping this week not only brings cooler temperatures but a slower pace! :)

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