Thursday, July 19, 2012

35 Weeks!

Well, I am officially 35 weeks and 29 days away from meeting our precious baby girl! I am not to fond of this picture for vain reasons only :) I know I will treasure this picture because when else do you get to go thru this experience with your sister and best friend?
 The Vain Reasons are obvious to me :) I am officially in my "nose is spreading" stage. This happens every pregnancy and I know it will go back but it is terrifying. Another weirdo thing that happens to me is my tongue swells so when I talk it sounds like I have been drinking! :) My poor message to Ann Mason the morning of my c-section on video was barely audible because my tongue swells so bad!

Things are shifting and starting to feel a little different. I definitely have the waddle down pat, actually I don't think I can physically do anything but waddle at this point. No surprise here but I am a walking emotional crazy person! Palmer starting Kindergarten in two weeks is just making me so emotional! I don't know if this sounds crazy or not to other people but I also can't wrap my head around the fact that I am having a baby. I of course know I am pregnant, I know that there is a baby coming but I just haven't been able to mentally picture it all just yet. Hopefully this is normal???

I also know deep down inside that the minute I have her it will all fall into place and the world will come together and it will be just like we never knew life before her. I love how our memories play tricks on us or at least it does for me! I know I probably turned into crazy mode with all of my kids weeks before they arrived I just don't remember it! Right now I just feel like the list ticker in my mind won't shut off, the need for everything to be organized, non chaotic and somewhat scheduled is on overload. I am sure I am a joy to live with right now! I told Tex this morning that he only has to survive me like this for 29 more days bless his heart :)

As much as I want this to be over I also have very specific moments of wanting to stop time when I am lying in bed feeling her kick or driving down the road and fell her move everywhere because this is probably the last time I will feel that again and I don't want it to end or take it for granted.

Can you tell just by my blog post the emotional war that is going on with in me? haha! We are grateful and blessed to be 35 weeks!

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