Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tee Ball

Man, I am worn out this week and it is only Wednesday!
This little cutie and his team are kickin bootie in their tournament which means we play a game every night until they lose! Excuse my picture of a picture but it was easier than scanning :) Luckily the temps are in the 90's versus the 100's but last night I looked down at the end of the game and I had lost my ankles :) it was pretty but they came back this morning! ha ha

Here is my little tee ball star on his first tee ball team the Texas Rangers!

Tex volunteered to be assistant coach and it just makes me smile. I love these two. They are my boys!

Palmer is one of the youngest ones on the team and I think he has done really well! 2 years at this age make a huge difference! Some of the boys on his team are 7! He doesn't get this whole tournament thing. He sees the teams we beat get their trophies so he keeps asking when he is going to lose so he can get his trophy :) He also thinks going to the concession stand after the game is more fun than winning but that's what your supposed to think at 5! We have had a great season and have met so  many awesome people that have definitely become friends!

The Texas Rangers might be the newest tee ball champs in Owensboro if we keep rocking it out! haha

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