Tuesday, July 31, 2012

No Baby Yet...

I have been down right horrible about posting! It might be the fact that my fingers look like Vienna sausages and fall asleep every 5 minutes :) Yes, I am to the stage of filling with fluid. My toes, my fingers, my face, my eyes, my nose, you name it even my tongue. I am just feeling really swollen and squishy :)! ha!

This past week I have definitely felt different energy wise and just plain getting around wise. I know the end is near though so I am keeping my head up and pushing thru. We had a great weekend with friends and family, church, lunches, birthday parties, etc... This baby isn't slowing me down yet!

Things around the house are getting done and everything is falling into place. I still have hospital bags to pack and car seats to install but pretty much everything is pretty ready. I went for an ultrasound today and Chandler was doing good, I think I was more bummed because she was measuring a little smaller than before but right now she is about 6 pounds. My fluids are good which is the main thing. I just think I am not meant to have a 7 pound baby :0 The doctor thought everything looked good and told me not to worry that her growth went down a little bit and that everything would be fine. 2 more dr appts and that is it until she gets here! Pre-registration called me yesterday to verify all info and that made it feel so real!

Chandlers nursery is pretty much ready. It is definitely simple and not a lot of "fluff" right now. I am sure I will keep adding to it and putting up more stuff but for right now I am good with it. I don't know if it is the shape of the room or my camera but I can't seem to get good pics so these are the best I could get.

Her monogram. I got it off Etsy for $22! It is big and I LOVE it! Such a good deal!

Her vintage mirror hung and her dresser. Can you see Ms. Ann Mason in the back? She is my shadow!

A little angle of the monogram and the pom poms! Don't even get me started on those stupid pom poms :) I ordered them off of Etsy and had a huge vision of them hanging over the crib. We have at least 4 more that never made it up. I don't know if something is wrong with us but they were such a pain to put together and hang. This was about as good as we were going to get without killing each other first! ha!

We have a busy week planned with a few events like back to school night and kindergarten jump start for Palmer! My mother in law and sis in law are treating me to an all adult dinner this week :) and I get my last haircut before the baby gets here! Life is good and I am trying to savor these last 17 days and take it all in!

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