Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kindergarten Jump Start!

It's all starting, I don't know if I am ready to deal with it :) Palmer's new school has a wonderful thing called Kindergarten Jump Start. The new kindergartners go to the school for 2 hours a week before it starts and they get the whole school to themselves to meet their teachers, take a tour, talk about Kindergarten and just get acquainted. Today was the day!

Here is Palmer and his buddy Karson. They didn't make it in the same class but we are glad just to have them at the same school! Not such a great pic, obviously the sun was a little bright but it was the best we could do!

Palmer did GREAT! I mean, LOVED it! I dropped off and Tex picked up. Tex said that he literally smiled from ear to ear the whole way to McDonald's where he got a happy meal to celebrate such a milestone! :)

We are trying to make him feel even more special since this is such a big occasion for him. Him and I were talking this morning and I reminded him that next week Daddy is going to take off one day for a Palmer/Daddy day and Mommy is going to take off the next day for a Mommy/Palmer day. He said "Mom, I have wished for that for forever" I started laughing and asked him what he meant. He said "I have wished for a day where I was ALL by myself!" Poor thing! haha He admitted that he would miss Ann Mason but I am pretty sure he is eagerly awaiting have ALL of the spotlight for two whole days!

My heartstrings were pulled more than once today. Dropping of Annie and watching her walk into school by herself brought me to tears cause I could tell she was a little sad and unsure of why Palmer wouldn't be going with her anymore. They are such buddies and are so used to doing everything together! Of course watching Palmer get called to his classroom and him smiling at me and waving about made me loose it. I am so proud of my kids and want the very best for them always, I just can't believe they are growing up so fast!
Kindergarten Jump Start 2012

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