Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Recap!

We had a really great weekend. It was a great mix of fun, getting stuff done, resting and spending time with family and friends! It was also our one year anniversary of being here in Owensboro. I know this because our first day in Owensboro one year ago we celebrated Kathy's birthday.

I have to admit this first year in Owensboro has been rocky, ROCKY! :) It definitely was not a love connection with me from the start. We are more than blessed to have our family here and that is the #1 main reason I think we have stuck it out. I am pretty sure if I had, had my way we would have moved back to Louisville within the first month. There are still days that I would like to move back but things are getting better. I pray daily that this next year things will start to feel ok again and we will finally be able to enjoy calling Owensboro home. I definitely think we are meant to be here in this season of our life, especially with the kids being small and expanding our family. I guess only time will tell if our jounrey will continue to keep us here...

So on our one year anniversary we celebrated Kathy's birthday again! :) We LOVE celebrating birthdays, eating food and cake and hanging out!

Here is Mamaw and the gang before we sang happy birthday!

Mamaw and her babies.

Kathy and her TOO CUTE chocolate on chocalte cake. You should see this womans wardrobe. I haven't walked into a normal store in months but apparently I hear that primary colors are making a comeback and Kathy's closet is rocking it out! This woman is more stylish than most 20 year olds!

I didn't get to write last week about Palmer's back to school night. It was awesome but SO chaotic. You sign up for lunches, after school, meet the teacher, fill out 101 forms, etc... It was fun but after it is over your not sure what just happened :)

Here we are walking in together!

Palmer in front of his classroom. We met Palmer's teacher and it was a LOVE connection as far as a mom/teacher goes. She was SO great I think we could be BFF's! She is sweet and fun and gave Palmer the biggest hug, I knew right then he was in good hands! I cried when I saw his desk with his name tag on it. I tried to turn around and not let anyone see me. This guy is going to do great, I can't wait to watch him grow this year!

Another thing we did this weekend was go to the dragon boat races. All of the businesses and schools have a boat and they race. It is actually so cool and the kids loved it!

We brought Karson our neighbor along, the more the merrier!

The dragon boats.

Palmer doing his own dragon boat race. He won and I LOVE this picture, he was so stinking excited!

Last but not least. Erin my amazing friend from Louisville somehow found out she had family in Owensboro and came to a cookout that was near my house. I was able to go visit with her and her new found owensboro family! I loved catching up with her and was sad to see her go!

So this could be the most random and long post ever, sorry! Tomorrow I have the day off to spend the WHOLE day with Palmer to make sure he has the best ever day before he starts kindergarten. I don't know who is more excited, him or me? :)

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