Friday, August 10, 2012

Last Weekend as a family of 4!

Family of 4, Almost a family of 5!
I am completely 100% all over the map these last few days! There are moments when I am teary eyed because I can't wait to meet this precious baby, there are moments when I am teary eyed because I think about this being my last time pregnant, there are moments where I stop breathing thinking about the "newborn" stage again, moments where I think I can't take another day of being pregnant and moments where I think this hasn't been so bad after all :)

I am totally pumped its Friday and that this weekend we literally have NO plans other than to hang out and relax! We have a BIG weekend coming up! haha Not only do we get to meet our precious baby I will be finding out whether I am an aunt to a niece or a nephew! My sister is set to be induced on Tuesday if she doesn't go before. The suspense is killing me!

I am trying to soak up as much time with Palmer and Ann Mason as possible because I know a lot of my time soon is going to be dedicated to Miss Chandler! Palmer has done WONDERFUL this week at school and has had a blast and been exhausted every night! I am SO thankful to have this first week out of the way for Palmer!

All of "this" hasn't really hit me yet. My sister and I were talking about it today and it just doesn't all seem real. I know I felt like this with both kiddos, I doubt it will hit me until I go to the hospital on Friday. I am just so anxious to see this beautiful baby girl and know she is healthy!


mel @ the larson lingo said...

Enjoy your last weekend as a family of 4! So excited for you!!!! Eek!!!!

Sarah said...

Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend! Can't wait to see pics of Miss Chandler! I will be thinking of you this week.