Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back in Action!

I am finally starting to figure out time management and having a 3rd child! ha! I have been on 3rd shifts for the past 12 days since Miss Chandler has her days and nights mixed up but she is finally starting to figure things out and so are we!

The past 12 days have been a wonderful adjustment to our new normal! I honestly can say I love the newborn stage, sleepless nights and all. The minute she came into the world I just melted! Here is a tiny glimpse of how things are going.... Maybe one of these days I can get caught up!
The night before we went to the hospital there was a HUGE storm here and apparently it caused every women in our town to go into labor. We had to be at the hospital at 5 am, when we got there they told us that since midnight 7 women had walked in with their water broke so things were crazy busy!

Here I am the morning we left for the hospital. I was pretty nervous and ready to get there!
My last picture! 39 weeks!

Here I am at the hospital waiting to go! My c-section was scheduled for 7:15 am but since there were so many women in labor/surgery it got pushed back about an hour and a half. This was my least favorite part of the day, I have never been good at waiting :)

At 8:58 am I heard the most wonderful cry ever! My baby girl was here and she was healthy and pink and screaming :) She had swallowed some meconium but based on how loud she was screaming everyone knew she was a-ok! The c-section was great, it seemed easier and faster than the times before!

My sweet precious baby! I was SO happy for her to be here and to see her face to face!

The kiddos have been amazing with her! Annie is having a little jealousy but that is normal. She just wants to be a part of it all and know that mommy is still all about her :) Palmer is just precious with her, loves her to death and is SUCH a good big brother!

Here is my little mommy! She helps me out so much getting diapers, wipes, cleaning out bottles, picking out clothes, you name it she is on it!

We have had SO much fun dressing up Chandler! Headbands, bows, flowers, etc... We act like she is a baby doll dressing her up!

We finally realized the only way this peanut was going to sleep any length of time was to be swaddled! What a difference it makes! She is going about 4 hours between feedings a night and 3 hours during the day! Now that I can handle! We had a few nights where she literally screamed all night and most of the day. Luckily I went ahead and switched her formula and so far so good (crossing fingers and toes!)

This is chandler's first outing to the dr! We just had our second weigh in today and she is 2 oz away from her birth weight so we are right on track and doing great!

Palmer thinks his baby sister is the cutest thing ever!

First picture with her eyes open! She is the sweetest thing ever!

Our cord still hasn't fallen off so all we have been able to do is sponge off. We have yet to take a full bath but even just wiping her down she LOVES it. I have never had a baby not cry in the bath. She just lays there and loves every minute of it!

One of many outfit changes even in the hospital!

I had to throw this pic in cause it cracks me up! I know it is blurry but it is Palmer with my breast pump! I looked over and he had his shirt up and acting like he was pumping! His friend Adler thought it was just hilarious! Can't wait to keep this picture for blackmail one day :)

As cliche as it sounds we already feel like Chandler has been part of our lives forever! We are totally loving being a family of 5. It is chaos pretty much all of the time but it is our chaos and we love it. This is the best I have felt physically and mentally post pardum and for that I am truly grateful! I am loving every minute I get to spend with Chandler. We are doing tons of resting when the kids are at school and of course we have made trips to target! ha ha We are loving every minute with our precious new addition!

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