Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Wow! I am seriously on emotional overload today. Palmer's first day at Kindergarten + Ann Mason going to school by herself + being 9 days away from baby = one hot mess of a momma! I have literally cried over a dozen times today and I forgot my make up at home.

I sent my first born baby boy off to the big world of Kindergarten today! I really did not think this would effect me this much. I have a feeling it is not all about going to school but rather thinking of how fast life goes. It was just yesterday that he was born and now in the blink of an eye he is going to kindergarten? Everything just played in my mind, have I soaked it all in, have I cherished every moment of these past 5 years, have I made sure not to take anything for granted.... the list goes on and on.

I think it is easy to have unreal expectations on one's self especially when these big milestones occur. I know it is human nature to take things for granted and I am sure there were plenty of days where I didn't soak it all in and I counted down the hours until bedtime and I am sure that there were moments where I did wish away the time because of a certain stage we were going thru.

I do know I have done at least some things right :) that I LOVE these kiddos so much it hurts some times like today. That I had no idea that my heart could love or hurt so much or worrying could be so great but most of all that my love for them could be bigger than any obstacle there is. I pray ever day for their safety, health and hapiness and for today we have all 3 and that makes it a WONDERFUL day!

This picture literally tears me up! Ann Mason can be such a stinker some times but at the end of the day this is how she truly looks at her brother. She LOVES him and seriously cheers him on in anything he does. She might sucker punch him when he is not looking but when it comes down to it she has his back! She cried wanting to go with him today which of course made me cry! She is learning to navigate her own waters by herself as well and it isn't always easy. Luckily she will have a new person to teach the ropes to in about 9 days!

Karson our neighbor and friend met us outside to take pictures! It was so fun all of the teachers were cheering, the rocky theme song was playing and everyone was pumped. Palmer, however much prefers a more low key entrance into new things so all of the excitment got him a little nervous. He did SO good walking in until he had to find a seat at the lunch table and he didn't know anyone in his class. That was when the head went down and the tears came, for both of us. His sweet teacher came over and saved the day and allowed us to hug him and make a fast exit from the building! Thankfully we have friends that are at school today with the kiddos and I have already gotten a picture of Palmer smiling at the lunch table with the caption "He is having a GREAT day!"

Thank Goodness! I can't wait to get him in my arms and hear all about this big day! I hope he loved everything about it!

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