Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Siskel and Ebert

I am SO boring these days! haha I am BUSY but with boring stuff like work and meetings :) haha! Somehow I have managed to watch two good movies in the last week! It is a miracle!

The first one was girls night and we watched The Town (real girly huh?) haha I wasn't too excited about it! Then I watched it and it was REALLY good, there was a lot of "shoot em up" type action but believe me it is worth watching just to see how hot Ben Affleck is!  And if you are a Gossip Girl fan it is crazy to watch Blake Lively play a strung out single mother, she does a good job! (is that an oxymoron :)

Last night Tex and I got both kids in their own beds HALLELUJAH! and we had the only date night that exists these days where we watch a movie just the two of us at home! haha We rented Social Network and I really liked it. I am total fascinated by the whole concept and it was amazing to see how fast the concept took off and how it got started. It definitely didn't make Mark Zuckerberg look like a saint but it was worth watching!

I am ready for this week to roll by! I am so excited about this weekend I am helping host a baby shower for my sweet friend Kimmie and baby Sofia and then afterwards we are having a girls night with almost all of the girls, which has not happened in forever!! I should have more interesting posts then! haha

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