Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You have to LAUGH or else you'd CRY!

Poor Tex has had a rocky start to Daddy Day Care. We call it that since the kids are now out of school and Tex is a full time SAHD until he finds a new job! For any dad I think this is a challenge, for any mom this is a challenge! haha Tex is taking it in stride but yesterday almost put him over the edge! haha

Tex had no other choice but to try and take both kids down to the unemployment office! (SCREAM NIGHTMARE WITH ME!) They drove around for 2 hours in the wrong direction and when they FINALLY got there Tex was no exaggeration #111, there were 110 people in front of him! So when I got home last night our very inquisitive 3 year old Palmer had this to say,

" Mom, dad tried to take Annie and I to this office... we drove a long, long way and got really lost cause we were going in the wrong direction. We got to the office that hands out piggy banks and daddy didn't get his piggy bank but there was a lot of other people that got their piggy banks and then we went to Zaxby's!"

I am fell on the floor laughing and so did Tex. Not sure where he got the piggy bank thing but I thought it was hilarious! We never thought we would be in this situation but then again, who really does! If we didn't laugh we would want to cry and laughing is a lot more fun!

Hopefully I will have some really cool stories from the adventure of the SAHD named Tex, it sounds good maybe he should start a blog :)

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Anonymous said...

I know how really rough days can be as being a stay at home mom and all but i"m so glad that he are right or you'd go insane.