Monday, November 16, 2009

9 months!

Ann Mason Templeton
9 Months Old 11/16/2009

I don't "technically" own this picture yet (hence the word proof written across it:) but I couldn't help but posting it cause it is one of my favorites (Thank you Sara)! Today Ann Mason celebrates her 9 month birthday and she has strep throat! I feel so bad for her it breaks my heart. Last night she was up with a stuffy nose and couldn't breathe and as I laid by her I just thought about what a blessing she has been in our lives. I cherished every moment last night despite the sleeplessness and worry because I got to lay with my baby and take in every part of who she is. Here are some things that make Ann Mason who she is at 9 months:
* We affectionately refer to this little girl as a "Man-eater" :) for many reasons!
* As of today she weighs 18 pds 2 0z! She has gained almost 2 + pounds in the last couple of months!
* She refuses to eat "baby" food and I swear she could eat a t-bone if the opportunity presnented itself! She eats ANYTHING which is a vast difference from Palmer who will eat almost nothing!
* You only have 2 teeth so far! You are a slow teether but the two teeth you do have are by far the cutest teeth in the world!
* You go back and forth with your sleeping patterns but for the most part you sleep from 8 to 7 most nights.
* You still drink only 6 oz of formula about 4 times a day, I think all of the solids help keep you full!
* You are crawling at the speed of light, pulling up on any and everything and have even taken a few steps behind your "push toy"!
* You still LOVE bath time but just this week your daddy told "Ann Mason is not allowed to take a bath until she learns how to behave in one"! haha You flip around and go under and get back up and do it 50 more times! It makes giving you and Palmer a bath at the same time quite the challenge.
* You love your brother and I but it is your daddy that holds your heart in the palm of his hands! I have to admit I am jealous sometimes of the way you look at him like he is already your hero and the way that you crave to be around only him even if I am in the room :) But it also makes me fall more in love with him each day to see how he handles you with the utmost care and love in the entire world!
* You of course say Dad-da ALL of the time! I have gotten a Mom-ma out of you a few times but I think it was just luck :)
* You seem to think that you are a 2 year old boy and can play, wrestle and keep up with Palmer like it's your job!
* Your personality is contagious and when you are around you just light up a room with your ease and smile!
I can't hardly believe that it has been 9 months already! It seems like just yesterday I found out I was having a daughter! Every day since has been filled with unconditional love and joy! Our lives have been touched in every way because of you!
We love you Ann Mason!

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