Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like....


I bit the bullet today and the kids and I got out all of the Christmas decorations to "surprise" daddy when he got home from work! Palmer picked an excellent Christmas movie to watch (The Elf with Will Ferrell :) and we decorated all morning! They were such great helpers and their fascination with Christmas and Santa coming made it all so worth it! Here are some pics!

Two of Santa's Best Helpers!

The Stockings just keep multiplying!

The Tree

This year we started a new tradition! Each of the kids got their very own tree in their rooms! Thanks to Neenie and Kohls :) we got them tons of ornaments and they LOVE them! Here is Palmer with his Christmas Tree (all themed with sport and "guy" ornaments!) He is SO proud!

Here is Ann Mason with her very "girly" Christmas tree! Only the girliest of ornaments go on this tree and I love all of the pink and cuteness and so does she!

This weekend was great and we had So much fun gearing up and getting into the Christmas spirit!

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