Monday, October 31, 2011

So soon?

It is official Kim and Kris are getting  DIVORCED!

I really don't have a lot of words. I don't think many of us who actually tuned into this disaster thought it was going to last but I certainly didn't think the party would be over this soon! I mean the re-runs of Kim's fairy tale wedding are still airing on E! right now! I hope Kim will realize there is no fairy tale and to take her next marriage a little more seriously, heck maybe even be friends with the person your going to marry! I am not just dissing Kim I was NOT a hump fan at all! I can't help but watch this train wreck!

Lots to post about this weekend. T-minus 3 hours till trick or treating and we have one sick little kitty Cat :( Ann Mason was up all night coughing, doing steam in the bathroom and just keeping her momma up! She seems to be doing a lot better today, we have her on antibiotics and lots of cough syrup. She isn't running a fever so we are going to let her go out of a little while cause she missed trunk or treat last night :( I feel so bad cause she is so darn cute in her outfit :) haha

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